Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy has been considered as one of a beautiful art form of the Arabic Letters quintessentially in the Islamic World. Also, the Arabic calligraphers were depended on to show aesthetic of this art through buildings decoration, bowls, palaces, letters, books, decorate the streets and every piece of art works. The witness of Islamic was civilization in the Abbasid, Umayyad and Andalusian the height of this art in all its details aesthetic.

The numerous scripts were developed over the Islamic securities, serve the Islamic religion, the holy Quran, cultural functions and all the social life. All these units have investigated the creativity, variety and the distinction of Islamic Calligraphy distinguished from other scripts. Also, the massive efforts to reach the most beautiful art challenge in the modern times.


Today, Arabic calligraphy has a widely of acknowledged arts in the present between the other languages that proceeds to improve the traditional methods in this art as well as develop every new technology like the digitizing art and the computerized methods

Arabic Calligraphers are still producing the new works on the development of creative styles and imaginative artworks continuously to present a new creative context and new techniques of Arabic arts based on existing the scripts.

Moreover, Arabic Typography has been utilized by a variety of individuals who have utilized the letters and scripts in a predictable way along with their dialect, such as “Ahwaz, Turkey, Chad, Mali, Senegal, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Pakistan and Iran”.

Arabic Calligraphy stimulates the designers to present different shapes and creative visuals by using Arabic letters. As we know, Arabic letter is the core of communication for us as Arabic speakers, so we have to develop new eye catchy, simple and easy letters in shape to read.

Arabic Calligraphy will help us to build a structure and to find elements around us that highlight the importance of Arabic Calligraphy used in the glorious Quran and other manuscripts as a kind of art typing. This will give the written work more vividness and more value. In such method, we can create logos, themes, decorated books and full corporate brands.

At present, the importance of Arabic calligraphy emerged again. It is used by fashion designers to decorate clothing, both for men and women. The benefit of using Arabic Calligraphy decoration in our clothes adds new value to it through using smooth lines and giving the clothes a special kind of luxury and excellence in addition to attractive touch.

Arab society will stimulate the deepening of the Arab identity and viewing the attraction of the Arab fonts that are used in most of the works of art with attractive characters., Also delivering motivational messages of the greatness of Arabic language in an easy way to understand it among all other languages.

Arabic Calligraphy has been using since ancient times by the Arab and Islamic civilization as a form of decoration and ornamentation art in all places, such as walls, gates, furniture and clothes.

I would like in this project to revive these arts in different places and give them more interactivity by all people through using such arts in their homes. Also as a mean of tourism attraction beside using this kind of art in any International Arabic event. The benefits of using such kind of art in all these places are to show the Arab identity, enhancing its global standing and launching it as a language of authentic and profound art.

One last thing, Arabic Calligraphy will endow everything around us with excellence and beauty.

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