Journey in Bahrain National Museum

Journey in Bahrain National Museum

During my travel in Bahrain to did some work, I have been received an invitation to visit Bahrain National Museum with my family. It is the biggest and most important event on the level of the Kingdom of Bahrain where shown the historical and civilization objects of the Kingdom of Bahrain. During this time, I have been collected a lot of data and photos around this important event.

This place has many advantages. When you visit this place, you will see the modernity, historical and development over the years in Bahrain.

The researcher would like to review a quick introduction to Bahrain National Museum.  This museum has been constructed near the King Faisal Highway in the capital of Bahrain, Al Manama that was opened in December 1988. The museum covered space over 27,800sq meters and it consists of two main buildings are the National Theatre of Bahrain lies next to the museum and showroom. Picture1.png This event has been advertised everywhere in Bahrain by advertisement outdoor, digital ads, and Newspapers.  The researcher received an invitation to attend this event when he arrived Bahrain. As part of the Ministry of Culture’s activities, ongoing series celebrating intellectuals and thinkers from around the world are held.  Bahrain authority for culture and antiquities organized this big event to present the long history of Bahrain to increase the artistic sense and maintain a national duty to preserve it and develop. The aim of this event is to Increase awareness of the technical aspects of the show and the development of civilization and a long history of the Kingdom to activate partnership with their communities. Such events will help the to support and satisfy the Bahraini community needs. Also, the museum has a value and an active national cooperation and historic for the state. The involve of communities, individuals in decision-making processes and engage communities with individuals in decision-making processes. This event is playing a useful role in Bahraini community in developing community skills. The distinguishing characteristic of the event is the developing, diversifying and providing the best for the community in through supporting institutions and communities to learn from this art community. screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-1-28-58-am
Image by Abdullah Krizim / 2016
The event has funded the program from the government to support the establishment of this national event for advertising and other required materials to do this event. Also, the visitors have a kind of indirect support for this event and a non-profit event to support the patriot’s artists and amateurs. This event will help to develop this place in the upcoming days. The event has been held in Bahrain National Museum and Theater, Sheikh Hamad Causeway, Manama, Bahrain.  This place has a special position by artists and specialists; also it has enough spaces to display art works and particular attention. The researcher thinks that this place has a unique position for all artists, international tourism and citizens to visit and to identify the landmarks and history in Bahrain. The researcher had a good impression at the first time when he visited the showroom, he saw the creative and artistic works, artists from everywhere and best organization, from his point of view, he had a good feeling during attending this event and more attention to all those who are interested in this event. He had collected all important data and photos to archive them in his library. screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-1-29-18-am
Image by Abdullah Krizim / 2016
Also, the researcher met Mr. Jasim Ali Hammoud, he is Assistant Manager in organizing this event, he has given me important data about this event, and introduced me to participate with artists and told me about the future plans and expected achievements for future events in Bahrain. The event was successful with some things helped to success. The main thing is communication with others to share ideas and visions openly with your team, also accept criticism and be open to new ideas for all artists. Also the passion in all works, in the first vision in all works through the event, you will see the confidentiality and deep messages at the fine art gallery in the Bahrain National Museum. This event has a variety works from all over the region. First, we will see big map for Bahrain and the selected areas with historical and artistic importance with Sculptures, besides cutouts and handcrafts.  In another side in this event, you can find the fine art works, the researcher like this aria with realistic stories in this painting and artistic sculptures. The researcher suggests that anyone visits this event when visiting Bahrain to learn about the culture and depth of artistic and cultural.


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