Digital Designing Management

Reflecting on Case Study “Digital Designing Management”

The knowledge of Creative Industries is very important in our field, it always needs to be developed the creative context to reach to creative synthesis, global contexts and best method in future works. It also it reflects the personal philosophy of creative practice in my own disciplinary field and expects the best thinking in each practice.

The purpose of completing the MA program is to achieve several objectives that the researcher need in his creative path to improve his education skills and critical knowledge like creative practice. Also to provide critic standards, increase quality in an artistic sense and resolve future problems that will grapple us as researchers.

What the researcher expects increasing is awareness in self-directed learning, effective communication and developing new patterns in the designing world by providing new ideas and new techniques to make it responsive easily and fast by all designers.

The creative practice has a special notion in the developmental pathway of my life that will push me to global investment and give me more potential energy in my educational life experience. Also, the researcher needs more time and effort to learn the methods of criticism that will enable him to manage his work regarding his own future business and current work.

The researcher aims at working on a benefit project in graphic design to add more in this field and help his self and all designers introducing their comments to develop this field by good thinking and soft works with quick, perfect ideas, and techniques. The researcher would go into the designing managements; he has a future vision and great Ideas to develop through this proposal. The researcher hopes to provide good and best things to help in this field.

The researcher has got 10 years of experience in Graphic and Animation field.  He also joined some conferences and exhibitions in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, all these experience provide a good vision and best thinking to do some researches and have experience in some fields such as creative management and developing the future projects for some clients.


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